Graphic Designing

Logo Design

Logo is in a way the identifiable ‘face’ or symbol of a Company. It is a very important branding tool and can make a great contribution towards brand acceptability, brand retention and brand loyalty. So at My Zone Technologies we lay a huge emphasis on creating Business Logos that reflect core values and amiable outlook of the business. We have a highly skilled team of Logo designers who are extremely creative, have great insight into understanding what idea the business wants to convey to its consumers through its logo and they are a team which is well equipped with all the necessary technological tools and software to deliver great results in minimum possible turnaround time.

Corporate Identity design

A corporate is identified with a number of symbols which include, logos, Brochures, website experience, Unique Corporate colors, uniforms, trademarks, corporate titles etc. These are all branding activities. The aim is to achieve a very positive vibe in the perceptions of the customers and help in branding and thus brand recall. We at My Zone Technologies provide 360° Corporate identify designing services to enhance brand likeability and brand recall.

Advertisment Design

An Advertising designing is the design that communicates an advertising message using graphics, text, audio, video etc. We have a highly creative team which visualizes and creates highly effective advertising designs that stimulate desired consumers into grasping the essence of the advertising message.

Corporate Branding

Corporate branding helps a particular new product by associating it with a well established corporate brand name. This can be achieved by using Business logo, advertising, packaging, and customer service etc of an established brand for promotion of a (usually) new product.

Offset Printing And Digital Printing

My Zone technologies brings to you state-of-the-art offset and digital Printing solutions. You get high quality printing at great speeds for any volume of printing output. We possess expertise in printing bulk business literature like Brochures, pamphlets, corporate stationary, Business cards, catalogues etc.

Books & Magazine Design

Book and Magazine design is a fine art and lot of sense goes into designing its cover and inferiors. Thankfully today we have designing and printing software that leave little or no scope for standardization errors of script or formatting across the book or magazine.