Search Engine marketing

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MY ZONE TECHNOLOGIES claims unmatched expertise in PPC (pay per click) that is a latest trend of online or search engine marketing. We have highly qualified professionals who work dedicatedly to promote the business of the customers. Herein, the objective of our professionals is to generate lead and increase sales of client’s business. Our deep insight of the e-commerce enables us to render Pay Per Click services according to the business requirements of the clients.

PPC advertising service offered by us is easy and brings immediate measurable results. It is ideal for all kinds of business irrespective of the size and sector. Moreover, we provide this service at highly cost-effective levels. PPC advertising works on a simple phenomenon of tracking the flow traffic. Through PPC, Flexsin technology is adopted that helps in organizing the conversions and flow of traffic. It is a high-end interface that facilitates to target, review, and update the measures of promotional campaign. Cost structure of PPC is action driven i.e. every time a visitor clicks the ad; the PPC engine deducts the secured amount from the account on the basis of the clients’ bid on the keywords. PPC services are available with search engines like Yahoo and Google.

Our professionals maintain strict monitoring of keyword trends and conduct regular research and analysis. These professionals ensure that ad is as per the target industry, based on which, they set the initial keyword bid. They consistently monitor the keywords and thus immediately eliminate the non-performing keywords to generate maximum lead. .

Our Skills

Google AdWords

Social Media Optimization

We have the expertise to add the social media features right to the content such as social news, RSS feeds, user ratings, sharing buttons, polling tools, and images and videos as third party communication. We also undertake promotion of the content through social media by posting status updates, participating in discussion forums, blogging, commenting on others’ blogs, and so on. In this context, our focus is on driving traffic from sources other than search engines that helps in improving the search ranking.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing services offered by us are a method of promoting the organization, group, product or service with the intent to attract large number of visitors. This online method of website optimization is highly beneficial that helps the organization to directly connect with the customers.

Online Reputation Management

Our expertise in viral marketing is appreciated by the customers of different industrial sectors. Our Search Engine Reputation Management (SERM) or Online Reputation Management (ORM) strategy is in complete favor of our customers. Apart from promotion of the website, our aim is to develop a trust among the visitors for the website.