BUlK E-mail | SMS Marketing

Mailer Design

The design of the Mailer in an email marketing campaign is very crucial as unless the mailer design has the desired impact, the receiver of the mail will just ignore it like as a spam. At My Zone Technologies we use special Mailer designing software which has a whole range of templates for different kinds of businesses

News letter Design

Newsletter marketing is one of the most effective channel of e-marketing as the receiver opts to receive the mailer and so is already inclined towards the brand, product or concept and just has to be provided all relevant information or “news” regarding the same to take a favorable decisions. We create most powerful Newsletters with high-impact graphics and smart text content to woo your customers.

E-mail Marketing

Promote your business and boost your lead generation with targeted email Marketing. We use best email marketing Software which has many automated features like autoresponders, triggers, event logging, campaign statistics etc to execute powerful email marketing campaigns. Your advertising message is delivered to a very targeted demography which is expected to have a high percentage of your prospective customers. We use most advanced techniques to obtain the campaign feedback in the form of click throughs and links clicked by the email recipient

SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing is a very effective and cheapest means of marketing as it generates highest ‘visibility’ or click throughs at a very nominal price. Send out up to 100,000 promotional messages per click to any or all mobile operators (filtered for DND customers) to promote your brand, products, special schemes or alerts using our advanced SMS marketing software. We use hi-tech SMS marketing tools and comprehensive database to schedule, send and track SMS to a targeted demography.A great leads generation source !

Bulk E-mail Software

My Zone Technologies can help you send bulk mails to your customers or prospective customers. The bulk content can be e-mail marketing flyers, e-newsletters, or e-announcements. Our Bulk E-Mailing Software is a web based application based on dedicated SMTP servers. Enjoy special features with which you can track the click-throughs to your website because of the bulk E-mail campaign and respond to them using auto-responders.

Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS is also same as SMS marketing. Whatever be your need, from a product launch to a political campaign, you can use our Bulk SMS service to send 100,000 messages per click and reach out to your most prospective customers in a given region. It is a web based application and you can control the content and frequency at your end.